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Reading Room Rules and Regulations

Special Collections and Archives Division,
U.S. Military Academy Library

  1. Researchers not presently affiliated with the U.S. Military Academy must request permission to use the Library by submitting a complete Researcher Application form. The application must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the first proposed research date. All research dates are subject to confirmation; research will not be scheduled until a detailed resource list has been submitted.
  2. Researchers are required to register with the Special Collections and Archives Staff upon arrival for each research session and must supply all information requested on the sign-in log.
  3. Coats and umbrellas must be placed on the coat rack outside the research room. All other personal belongings must be put in the area designated by reading room staff. Only approved electronic devices (no cases), pencils and writing paper (subject to inspection) may be brought to the research table.
  4. The use of pens or indelible pencils is prohibited. Notes must be taken in pencil or with an approved electronic device.
  5. Tobacco, food and beverages are not permitted in the reading room.
  6. The use of original materials is subject to staff discretion. Copies may be substituted for originals.
  7. Materials must be handled with great care. Researchers must not write or lean upon, trace, mark, erase, fold anew, cut, tear or otherwise alter or mishandle materials. Staff may request that readers use book supports and/or gloves and will provide bookmarks or weights as appropriate.
  8. Copying materials (whether with library or personal equipment) is at the discretion of the staff.
  9. All research materials must remain on the table top and in their original order. Unbound documents must remain in their folders, in the order in which they are presented. Materials that appear to be in disorder are to be referred to a staff member.
  10. Materials must be consulted in the research room; they may not be removed under any circumstances.
  11. Before leaving the research room for any purpose, patrons are required to notify a member of the staff and submit their research materials to be searched.
  12. Any violation of these rules may be cause to end your research session.

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